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It’s been a stressful three days. I’ve been running around trying to figure out loans, living costs and now which country to stay in. I’ve been looking into so many new Universities both here and in Australia. I’ve found out a lot through my research, such as how the university I’ve been aiming for is the equivalent to the OC, you don’t particularly have to go to the lectures, you just need to pay the cash and they let you slip through the cracks and get the degree whilst doing lots of drugs and driving around in Daddy’s BMW. It’s the most expensive university in the entirety of Australia and has a poor reputation with people who live in the country because of it’s students and lecturers. So I’ve lost interest in that hugely, I don’t think I would be surrounded by the right company anyway.

So I’ve begun looking into Griffith university just 10 miles up from my initial first choice. It’s cheaper, it looks like it has a better crowd of people, the degree looks really interesting and it has really good facilities such as catered and non-catered and  the campus I would be on looks good (Nathan Campus). However there’s two things that are bothering me about the place. Firstly, it’s in the middle of a bush. As in a massive forest in British terms. I flip out at spiders that are the size of a pin, let alone ones the size of dinner plates. Secondly, there’s really good clubs at the university yet they don’t have a drama society or any drama clubs. This has put me off the university entirely because I really want to join a few clubs, especially a drama club when I go to university, no matter where I am in the world. So I’ve been looking into the option of staying in off campus accommodation where the student village is ten times closer to the beach but I’m 50 minutes from the actual university. So I doubt I can stay there. Bah. The Open Day for Griffith this year too is at the beginning of August, which is a month or so before I even get there. 

I spoke to my tutor about it all and she told me about Sussex university having an amazing new degree in media communications and I looked into and it’s better than the degree they have in Bath Spa University (Initially my first choice in England). But I know so many people at that university, I don’t want to spend my entire time there casually seeing people I know in the corridors. The whole point of university for me is to start my life fresh. 

So I have the following choices, apply to Griffith, stay on campus and just hope for the best, not really knowing much about the night life, student life and campus there and kick myself for not being able to do drama, or go on a gap year to Australia amongst other places and see the world a bit before settling down to university (which I feel ready for, but I want to be certain on a place). I mean what’s the point in travelling to Australia to live there and not be close to the beach and be able to act and enjoy myself? This is why I want to be certain, I want good night life, a good campus, good clubs, a good city, to be by the beach and I want it to be all affordable (like 98% of places in the UK). It seems like some universities in Australia just have a pick and choose, it’s hard to get it all in one place as the country is so vast. 

So if you’re from Griffith University, send me a message! Please! Do a good deed and tell me about the university from a students perspective. I will be forever grateful. 

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Posted: 2 years ago

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